Creating transparency through digital financial accounting

Digital financial accouting and modern bookkeeping

We consider careful bookkeeping to be central to good advice and it is therefore a task to which we pay particular attention. Hereby we create order – the basis for an overview of your corporate figures. We use the latest aids, such as digital financial accounting and digital document collection, in order to achieve a good result.

If you wish we can also take over the processing of your transactions using the data that is already available to us from your digital financial accounting. Or we can support you professionally and competently with receivables management by monitoring payment dates and systematically creating reminders and receivables management.

We have all the skills to take aspects of both labour and social security into account in a competent and legally watertight manner. Many of our clients use our expertise in order to create internal capacity for other tasks. Our digital financial accounting is the basis for clear and comprehensive reporting for our clients. We prepare financial reports for you so individually that

  • important parameters are collected quickly
  • and can be included in management decisions.

We offer our clients monthly evaluations of the control reports from DATEV. You can also see your company figures on a DATEV app for the iPad on your mobile device at any time.

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Digitalised document collection

We are one of the tax offices that already offered its clients digital financial accounting early on. That is now paying off. We are experienced, confident and fast in the handling of digitalised bookkeeping in DATEV. Your advantage: all documents are available centrally both to our clients and to us as tax consultants once they have been registered. Therefore, up to date evaluations and fast answers to enquiries regarding bookkeeping or payroll and financial accounting are possible at any time.

Among others, we provide you:

  • digital financial accounting for your company
  • digital document collection via DATEV
  • monthly and exact evaluation of DATEV-based reports
  • payroll accounting via DATEV

“We have been working with digital document collection and bookkeeping for seven years now. All our experiences have been positive and the system offers great benefits. Our clients value the fact that they can get an overview themselves at any time.” Irene Sawall, Tax Specialist

Digital bookkeeping and digital financial accounting: the process

The online DATEV solution satisfies the highest security requirements – both for data protection and data security. This is tested and confirmed by an independent third party at regular intervals. The solution ensures a lean working process and also the digital integration of turnover on bank accounts. This bundles all the information in one place for rapid access.

In order to make you become more acquainted with the entirety of this demanding work process, look at the handy chart below.