Use our strategic expertise in company valuation and the rendering of appropriate expert opinions.

Company valuation and appropriate expert opinions

Company valuations and appropriate expert opinions are normally undertaken as the basis for far-reaching decisions. The company value determines the purchase price, makes your company the small, large or equal partner of a fusion or is used as the basis for decisions on the capital market.

This is exactly why it is appropriate to involve a neutral third party in the company valuation who can determine the value or render an expert opinion using professional know-how. We know what counts: market position, development perspectives, potential and structure – we take all facts and framework conditions into account.

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We value in accordance with the following procedures

Company valuations respectively the rendering of appropriate expert opinions are based upon different procedures. In particular:

  • The capitalised earnings method of the Institute of Auditors
  • The discounted cash flow method
  • Determination of net asset value
  • Assessment of the liquidation value
  • The simplified capitalised earnings method
  • Multiplier methods

All of these procedures are marked by individual characteristics. For instance, the capitalised earnings method is based on the premise that the company’s value is influenced essentially by its potential to make a profit. Thus, it is a procedure which especially focuses on the estimated success of a company. And the assessment of the liquidation value – the realisable value of all assets in case of the company’s liquidation – even assumes the most unfavourable conditions right from the start in order to determine the most conceivable value.

Moreover, company valuations and appropriate expert opinions are always connected to a specific occasion. For example, both of them are important in the process of the intended purchase of a company or an upcoming insolvency proceeding. We accompany our clients when it matters and support them as good as possible, for example at meetings with investors or banks in German and English or as an advisor in the event of restructuring.

To put it in a nutshell – a professional company valuation in combination with an appropriate expert opinion is offering you the following advantages:

  • Comprehensive and detailed  information on the company’s value
  • Important background information and insights on existing potentials
  • Optimal preparation for talks with investors or other important persons
  • Support in making important decisions concerning the company
  • Strengthening of one’s own bargaining position